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Abdulkadir Osman Farah from Aalborg University in Denmark visited our research center at Cibali on January 13 Thursday, 2022.

Prof Farah is currently running the project : African Students in Turkey and Transnational Formations. He has made publications on East Africa, China-Africa relations, and Somali migrants abroad. A list of these publications can be consulted at Google Scholar.

Latest publications:  

Farah, A. O. (2021) Transnational Communities: The Quest for Development and South-South Connections. Cross-Fertilizing Roots and Routes. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, 2021. 381-404. 

Farah, A. O. (2020) Beyond the Restrictive Sociopolitical Autonomy and Sovereignty. Roots, Routes and a New Awakening: Beyond One and Many and Alternative Planetary Futures, 343.

Farah, A. O. (2020) Strategies of Overcoming Precarity: The Case of Somali Transnational Community Ties, Spaces and Links in the United Arab Emirates. In Coercive Geographies (pp. 124-147). Brill.